What I Love


I love untouched nature and Romanian traditions, people who fight for lost causes, all kind of animals, wild travels, everything in purple or green. I have discovered recently my passion for horses. It was a deep passion since childhood, which I must have kept inside for long, long time without exploring it. I started building my dream with intense energy when I realized that I can do through photography what I have dreamed of: living with horses. It is pure joy to find your personal path and to start walking on it.

In my previous life, I was into marketing and communication, working for small printing houses or big corporations, from entry level to global management structures. I’m sure that every day in the office was like a preparation for today. I’ve learned a lot about how to communicate with my audiences, how to use the new digital marketing strategy, how to face a crisis in a big corporation or how to organize a stylish event for different customers.

Working with people is something I enjoy a lot; it’s my own second nature to be social. I also believe in good people who walk the talk, who give without waiting to receive something in return, I like dreamers, enthusiasts, optimistic characters that are there for opening new ways. I get my inspiration from all these people.

In early years I was attracted to arts. I studied painting and sculpture in an Art School for four years. At that moment I realized that my artistic skills will always be with me, inside me, and will help me see every time a more creative side in each situation. And this has been proved – later in my career and even more today. It’s incredible how the painting lessons from my fifth grade apply now into my photography work. Amazing, isn’t it?

Now I live in Bucharest, with my spoiled Blue Point Seal cat and my fiancée, Marius. I am very lucky to have someone like Marius beside me for almost a decade. He is my best friend, my lover, my cook, my adviser, my personal climbing trainer and of course the best supporter of my passion.

Even if I’m still horseless, I know that day when I have my own four-legged friend will come soon. I can’t wait that moment!

My job as Your Equine Photographer


I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to follow my heart and to have what I assume to be the best job in the world!

I have succeeded in combining my two passions, the one for horses and the one for photography thus allowing myself to do what I truly love. I live and breathe this job every day which makes me fee fulfilled. The memories of our meaningful moments, of our feelings and our emotions, are the most precious thing we could ever own and are so personal to each of us.

And my job is to literally to capture my clients’ memories and hand them to them in a tangible form; in a gift box, on a canvas or in a frame. I’m so honored to be trusted with this responsibility!

Hopefully, my love for what I do comes across in my work. I began my photography career knowing right from the beginning what my niche is: horse photography. It’s a dream come true and I am now devoted to the equine portrait photography. I have finally found what I feel like I was born to do. I am truly passionate about making artwork while photographing you and your horses!

I photograph horses, not only because I’m passionate about these elegant and beautiful animals, because of the impact they have on our lives, but also because of my deep wish to create something beautiful from this. I believe it thoroughly deserves to be captured in a way that can be kept for a lifetime.

The the most important aspect of my job is to capture the horse that the owner knows. My clients don’t just want the horse to look ‘pretty’ and posed, they want their personality to shine through and they want to see its character, to recognize the best friend they love and know inside out. I like to keeping things natural and relaxed in order to achieve this purpose. Above everything else I want my clients to feel that unique bond when they look at their images, the bond that gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling that only a horsey person will understand. I want them to fall in love with their horses all over again, every time they randomly contemplate their photographs, and this is what I strive to achieve through my work.

When my photographs fill your eyes with joy I know that what I have desired has happened just the way I hoped for.

Telling Your Stories


I grew up in the countryside surrounded by powerful but gentle horses and other animals, and this common, shared time together has shaped my life, the way it is now. They have brought essential marks in my value system and my character and I know many horse owners feel just the same.

This is how I knew when I decided to specialize in photographing horses, that I wanted to dedicate my work to capturing that special contribution which horses continuously bring to their humans’ lives and the intimate connections within each partnership I witnessed.

I simply adore telling your stories! If you’ve ventured onto my blog or my Facebook, you may have already noticed that. I do my best to get to know my clients and their horses in the limited time I have with them, and I’m committed to telling their tale with as much accuracy and empathy as possible. I gained some new friends in the meantime, both riders, and horses. I’m always inspired by the fact that every partnership I meet has its own story to tell and this is one of my favorite parts of the job.

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My philosophy in life
Best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.
My values
  1. Do what I love.

  2. Use the power of my imagination.

  3. Think big.

  4. Keep the right people around me.

  5. Learn, learn, learn.

My own professional experience
Photography - 3 years
Marketing&Communication - 19 years
Events - 9 years
Design - 4 years